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Voice Actor • Musician (Singer/Keyboardist)
2023 SOVAS Voice Arts® Awards Nominee

Energetic, Deep, Rough, Confident, Funny/Comedic, Wry/Sarcastic, Versatile, Authentic, Entertaining, Professional • Broadcast Quality Home Studio • Source Connect Standard


Samples of my voiceover work:


As of July 8, my latest audiobook narration project: The Jackson River Bridge by Elliott D. Light, is NOW LIVE! This title is available on Audible, Apple Books and Amazon!  Go check it out, and we’d love for you to buy and listen to a copy!

Recently I did the 1-2-1 Coaching Training session with 7 Holdings Media, run by Max and Fannie Rabault.  These two are amazing at what they do, and the session got me both certified in their dubbing program, and added to their casting roster!

“The best gift is to re-discover the scene because the actor gave an organic piece of his sensitivity. Dane has that. Hire this 30-55 yo male charming raspiness. He will deliver any subtleties your content requires.” –Fannie Rabault

From my YouTube channel, here I am talking about my experience with 7 Holdings Media.


Here is a list of the audiobook narrations I’ve done to date.  All titles are copyright by the respective authors, and some can be purchased on Audible, Amazon and Apple Books; selected titles are available above as audio samples. (scroll to see all).


    The Jackson River Bridge cover art



    Audible | Amazon | Apple Books

    Alone on a bridge staring into the dark water…

    He was not born Noah Waters, but constant rejection often has a way of encouraging one to walk away from everything they have known while giving birth to the person they are meant to be. This is Noah’s story…

    Masterminds Incorporated Series, Book 1

    Audible | Amazon | Apple Books

    What’s worse than being the new kid in school? Finding out your new home town is crawling with monsters!

    11-year old Jessie Beamish, is struggling to find his way around a new school in a new town. To make matters worse he’s being kept up at night by strange dreams. This new town is anything but ordinary. Something sinister lurks just beneath the surface.

    He soon discovers that the monsters of movies, myths, and legends are real, and hiding in plain sight. Every shadow obscures some terrible thing. Every full moon rises on a wave of distant howls. Mysteries abound in the town of Wolverton.

    Bolstered by some new friends, Jessie may just stand a chance against the unknown, but fear comes in many forms, and this time…it’s coming for Jessie Beamish!


    Audible | Amazon | Apple Books

    On May 20th, 1927, a momentous event occurred in aviation history. A young, brave man, attempted to fly a dangerous flight that would break all known records at that time. If he succeeded, he would become world famous and a legend…that man was Charles Ginsberg. Instead, he flew four zany entertainers from New York to Burbank…or so he tried. This is the fantastic, tremendous, terrific…okay, let’s just say, interesting story of the man who would become known as the Jewish Eagle.

    Trying to get the Marx Brothers and Jack Benny to an important audition in Hollywood, Charles attempts the colossal challenge of getting four crazy people cross-country through storms, mountain passes, hallucinations and much more. In giving up his dream to become the first person to cross the Atlantic Ocean, Charles instead gives some of the greatest entertainers of all time a chance to become famous.


    Audible | Amazon | Apple Books

    “Narrator Dane Petersen captures the occasional pleasurable moments and more frequent sadness of Russell Horvath’s life as depicted in this novel. Horvath is a budding L.A. screenwriter with an embarrassing secret, he uses food–particularly fast food–to calm himself when he’s stressed or insecure. Petersen’s Horvath is considerate and self-deprecating when his often sharp-tongued girlfriend, Jass, puts him on a kale diet.”

    –from AudioFile Magazine


    Audible | Amazon | Apple Books

    Corrag and Ben are on the run along with members of their renegade theater group — the last of the free brained creative folk against the enslaved people of the Augment and their elite Republican Homeland overlords.
    It is 2072, and falling creative information flows in the Augment system mean there is little time to reach full power status and launch the planetary cover before the incoming Oort Cloud asteroids destroy civilization. Corrag and Ben make a run for David’s Tower, an alternative society built on the democratic power of individual stories. Corrag’s father Ricky sets out to find his father’s book that he is sure will answer the deep-seated root of humanity’s evil. These are just a few of the individuals on a quest, drawn to the utopian world of the Tower, built by the man known to his followers as the Saint. David Shavelson, a former owner of a Brooklyn bookstore, is a charismatic visionary leading a community in resistance against the mental enslavement of the Augment system. The Augment leaders know they must crush the Tower or lose control of their destiny.


    Audible | Amazon | Apple Books

    Do you enjoy watching Seinfeld? Have you ever been to the grocery store? Giddy up! Let the insanity begin.

    This fun new humor book celebrates Seinfeld‘s 30th anniversary and takes love of the sitcom to a new level. Best-selling humor author R. Scott Murphy believes Seinfeld is far more than a TV show; it’s a state of mind. In fact, he’s watched all 180 episodes so many times that he often sees the world through Seinfeld‘s eyes. The place where his Seinfeld eyes see the craziest things is the grocery store.

    That’s why Murphy spent more than a year secretly observing people shopping, logging their peculiar activities in his diary, and commenting about those actions in his mind using the voices of Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer. You won’t believe what he saw. Meet the cart shamers, the fruit fondlers, the superhero of savings, the grocery store Mary Tyler Moores, the shirt shockers, and many more.

    The Frank Nagler Mysteries, Book 4

    Someone is experimenting with…Death!
    Rookie detective Frank Nagler has barely had time to arrange his desk, when a new homicide case is assigned to him. Could a serial killer be stalking his hometown of Ironton, N.J.?
    One by one the bodies pile up. Nine victims are killed over several months, all from different walks of life and different parts of Ironton. Each killed in a different way, forming no clear pattern, as might be expected from a single killer.The Red Hand is the prequel to The Swamps of Jersey, the book that launched the Frank Nagler Mysteries. This investigation takes place before economic hard times, political corruption and a government money scandal hit the former industrial center of Ironton, N.J.
    This story is atmospheric, moody, dark and thrilling.


    Audible | Amazon | Apple Books

    Fame…fortune…and a bright future. Christopher was on the fast track to all three. Then one day everything changed with just six little words, ”You don’t have much time left.” For some it might be a death sentence. For Christopher, it’s the beginning of a journey.

    This is a story about Christopher’s trip across Europe. Along the way he meets a spellbinding woman with the beauty of a goddess, the wisdom of a best friend, the impulsiveness of a pixie, and a sadness he must investigate. Winter takes on the role of tour guide, as the pair trek across Europe getting into trouble, and solving each other’s problems along the way. Once in Prague, Christopher realizes what is truly important…finding the one person who understands you…finding the person who will steal your heart and never let go.

    Winter and Christopher don’t have much time together left on the Earth. Still, this isn’t a love story ending with a broken heart.


    Audible | Amazon | Apple Books

    A Carrie Underwood wannabe, a Cub Scout dropout, and Bigfoot walk into a comedy anthology… 20+ stories. Unlimited funny. Everything’s better with more cowbell!

    Ever wondered what’s missing from movie theater recipes, garage sale swaps, and the Kardashians? The answer is what your phone needs…more cowbell. Infused with the crack-up-worthy humor of Will Ferrell’s classic SNL skit, these 20 short stories and essays transform even the most mundane events into meme-worthy moments.

    Radio DJ and TV personality R. Scott Murphy is a pro at finding the funny in everyday life. From the low bar for fame to a new take on Old MacDonald, no topic stands a chance against Murphy’s lighthearted roasting.

    Masterminds Incorporated Series, Book 3

    Audible | Amazon | Apple Books

    Think only cartoon animals can talk? That’s what sixth-grade whiz kid, Jonah Mortimer, thought…until one did!

    Talking to small woodland creatures probably isn’t the weirdest thing that’s happened to Jonah, the problem is this little birdie is singing a seriously scary song.

    There’s an ancient evil buried just outside the town…but it’s not going to stay buried for long. The mummy pharaoh Septra’Kaal, and his army of undead, are rising and will soon march on Wolverton!

    Standing atop a giant scorpion, Septra’Kaal brings with him plagues and desolation the likes of which Masterminds Incorporated has never seen! Septra’Kaal has a bone to pick, and Masterminds Incorporated is all that stands between him and the people of Wolverton.


    Audible | Amazon | Apple Books

    It’s April 1969, and many of the flower children who left home to escape the old morality face disillusionment, extreme poverty, and death. They give up on their dreams and do whatever it takes to survive, even if it means submitting to unconscionable evil.

    Stanton Clayburn, a young private investigator, has been hired to find a 19-year-old lost flower child. He is determined to bring the boy home safely, but the journey takes him back to the world that nearly destroyed him.

    Tillie Thornwhistle, the daughter of a White father and a Black mother, knows the meaning of hardship and living as an outcast. Adversity makes her strong and gives her the determination to let nothing get in the way of her success. Then, a series of misguided ventures changes everything.

    The trail to redemption includes a psychopath, an unexpected trip, and the mysterious Stanton Clayburn. Stanton and Tillie meet under extraordinary circumstances. Fate and necessity pull them together. What follows is an adventure that could easily cost them their lives.

  • spawn cover art

    A Science-Terror Story by the Author of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

    Audible | Amazon | Apple Books

    He was trapped on a planet of deadly dinosaurs that made Jurassic Park seem like a kid’s playground! For one thing, they were smarter than the average dinosaur!

    The Marshall Museum sent Gene Bishop on a simple mission to the distant world of Erigon to collect dinosaur eggs for the museum’s spectacular DinoWorld park – a scrupulous recreation of the Mesozoic Era on Earth. Bishop figured it as a quick in and out – swoop down, grab some eggs and be gone. But he figured wrong.

    When one of the indigenous women, Leea, who had spent her whole life fleeing from the gigantic, macabre creatures, tried to set Bishop right, he ignored her. The Terran simply could not believe what she was trying to tell him: That there was one terrifying difference between Erigon’s dinosaurs and their extinct Earth brethren – the Erigon dinos were intelligent, and horror and destruction were sure to follow if the eggs were taken back to Earth and allowed to breed. But Bishop had too much at stake both fame and fortune to want to believe her. Some people have to learn the hard way, and for Bishop what happened next was a lesson that could cost him his life and much more.

    A Suspense Thriller, and the sequel to “The Swamps of Jersey,” the first Frank Nagler Mystery.

    Ironton, NJ. Detective Frank Nagler returns in the propulsive A Game Called Dead to face a mysterious, taunting internet villain: #ARMAGEDDON.

    Ironton appears to be a city rising from the floods and political corruption of “The Swamps of Jersey”. But a series of beatings, murders, and destruction, including the bookstore owned by Nagler’s friend Leonard, set the city on edge. Then, two college women are attacked. They are players in a video game turned real-life game called “A Game Called Dead”. Suddenly the game has real consequences.

    In a roller-coaster ride of a story, Nagler must defend his friends and new companions from unknown dangers as #ARMAGEDDON grows bolder.

    “Let me tell you the rules of this game,” he said. “Keep up. I can burn a city down,” so declares the internet poster #ARMAGEDDON. It is up Frank Nagle and his allies to stop him.

    A Suspense Thriller, and the sequel to “A Game Called Dead,” the second Frank Nagler Mystery.

    “Dane does a wonderful of capturing the Jersey-ness of the characters and weight of the unfolding story. You should hear the entire reading. Thanks Dane for bringing this story to life.”

    –Michael Stephen Daigle

    The search to find the name and home of a barefoot young girl wearing a tank top and shorts on a cold March night leads Ironton, NJ, Detective Frank Nagler down the twisting, dark path of a family whose history has ensnared many victims, including a nun from Nagler’s youth and Calista Knox, a companion of Nagler’s best friend.

    The third Frank Mystery, The Weight of Living, brings Nagler and his friends dangerously face to face with an evil that knows no bounds and threatens to consume anyone in its path. It is a story with twists and turns as Nagler fights through layers of lies and half-truths and searches a sketchy past to bring the chance of healing to the damaged, and a criminal to justice.

    “God has given me many tasks. This is the last.” (Sister Katherine Marie)

  • BLACK MARKET BONES: Bombastic Adventures in the Arizona Desert (The Bombastic Adventures in the Arizona Desert Book 1)

    Audible | Amazon | Apple Books

    Along the border town of Patagonia, Arizona, sightings of ghosts seeking revenge are terrifying some of the town folk. As a result, the lives of three people who come together are changed in inexplicable ways.

    Marikler races to save her young son from the greed and deception of her husband, carrying the blessings and absolutions of her parish priest.

    Ron Yawkey accepts a clandestine job to search for and locate skeletons in the desert, and is hired by a local paleontologist; a man who previously discovered an unknown fossilized species in Mexico. A fact that must remain a secret.

    James Carter is a man on the run, after embezzling from a gay S&M porn production company. After arriving in Patagonia, he integrates himself within the civilian militia group that patrols the border, having declared war on any and all illegals.
    Three unconnected people brought together by circumstances must face the judgments of…Black Market Bones.


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